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Types of Lexus Oil Changes

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Conventional & Synthetic Oil Changes

Oil changes are a vital part of your car maintenance routine and taking the time to make sure you are having regular oil changes done is a must. Oil changes are a must and as such there are varied types that work best for different types of cars and different types of drivers. For any oil change, there are two basic types, conventional and synthetic oil changes.

Oil Changes

Conventional Oil

A conventional oil change uses natural oil that is good for 3 months or up to 3,000 miles, whichever service term happens first. This type of oil change is often the least expensive and is best for your average driver that does not travel a great distance or that does not drive any strenuous routes. This is also a blanket change that works with most cars and most different engines.

Synthetic Oil

A synthetic oil change uses synthetic oil and is best for higher mileage cars or higher mileage drivers. It is also good for older cars or those cars that are a bit more expensive and that may do better with a thicker oil that is going to last a bit longer.

Scheduling Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes are essential to the function of your car. Without an oil change, your car is going to lock up, it is going to cause a lot of issues with the engine not being able to move freely, and it can cause a great deal of damage to your engine overall as well. An oil change can mean the difference between an engine that is going to work well and move as it should, and one that is going to be stuck and that is not going to run at all. You can always talk with your mechanic to find the oil change that is going to work best for your car.

Delaying an oil change is a terrible thing. As the oil in your engine ages it becomes thicker, it loses volume, and it can also get dirt and metal shavings in it. This means that it does not lubricate your engine as well and that it is not going to keep your engine moving freely as it should. This causes greater damage to your engine and can even cause it to stop entirely.


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