Lexus Power Steering Fluid Replacement

Power Steering Fluid Exchange at Germain Lexus of Easton

Germain Lexus of Easton offers many special auto services for your Lexus car or SUV. One service we offer is a power steering fluid exchange. The fluid often becomes dirty, causing wear and tear on parts that affect the steering of the car. Our technicians remove the dirty fluid, clean the system out, and replace the fluid with fresh clean power steering fluid. You can have this done when you come in for an oil change or regular repair. We service the area of Columbus, Canal Winchester, New Albany, and Reynoldsburg.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange In Columbus

Signs your vehicle may need a power steering fluid exchange are loose steering, whining sounds, grinding, trouble steering when driving, and very stiff steering. Our technician can check your power steering fluid at least once a year for signs of deterioration. We will check the fluid for signs of color change, bubbles in the fluid, and leaks. All these factors will cause problems with the steering. Whining will occur because the power steering pump is low on fluid or faulty. Sometimes steering problems are caused by the power steering drive belt. The fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles or less.

Why is Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service Necessary?

A power steering fluid exchange will make your vehicle easier to drive and give you a smoother ride. It keeps the power steering pump from breaking down. This service removes contaminants from the fluid that causes wear on the parts. A power steering fluid exchange is preventative maintenance for your vehicle. When you come in for an appointment, we have a comfortable waiting area or can provide a rental car when requested. We sanitize all vehicles after working on them.

What is the process of exchanging the power steering fluid like?

When you come in we will test your fluid and look at the color and consistency. Our technicians will drain all power steering fluid and add cleaning agents to remove dirt and impurities. They will replace the fluid with the manufacturer recommended power steering fluid. They will bleed the air out of the lines and take it for a test drive before returning it to you. Power steering parts are expensive to replace, but we can order the right parts, and our technicians are trained to make more complex repairs when needed. A good color for the fluid is amber or pinkish. When it turns brown or black it should be changed.

Contact Us For Power Steering Fluid Exchange in Columbus

Contact us for a power steering fluid exchange at  Germain Lexus of Easton. We will check your fluid and system before proceeding. For an appointment, fill out the online form or call our service deparment. We service the area of Columbus, Canal Winchester, New Albany, and Reynoldsburg area.


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