The Importance of Lexus Maintenance Even When Driving Less

Your Lexus is an incredible vehicle capable of achieving great things when you stay on top of its maintenance requirements. When you don't, though, and you neglect those basic maintenance items, the results can be quite disappointing. Even when you're driving your Lexus less frequently than you usually would, there are a number of maintenance items you should continue to address so that when you're ready for regular usage again, your vehicle won't let you down. Continue to stay on top of your basic Lexus maintenance, and remember that the service your vehicle receives when you're not driving as often as you usually would will pay off greatly in the future when you do regularly drive again.

Some Services are Not Just Mileage-Based, But Also Time-Based

You'll likely have heard that some of your services are necessary "every 5,000 miles or 6 months - whichever comes first." This is because not only do products such as engine oil and brake fluid wear out due to mileage and repeated usage while driving, but time takes its toll on their quality. Extended periods of time where oil or fluids sit idle leaves these products prone to breaking down. They then become dangerous to the systems within your Lexus. For example, even if you've only driven 1,000 miles since your last oil change, but it was over 6 months (or even a year) ago, make sure you get an oil change service scheduled before doing damage to your vehicle that could have been easily prevented.

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Idle Vehicles Need Their Tires Addressed, Too

When your vehicle sits parked in the garage or on the street, the vehicle's weight over time will gradually take its toll on your tires. Over time, your tire pressure will decrease, meaning that when you next start your Lexus, you could be without sufficient tire pressure to safely navigate to your next destination. Make sure to keep an eye on your tires when you're driving less, it'll save you in the long run.

Periodically Starting Your Lexus Engine is Always a Good Idea

Even if you are driving less, it's smart to periodically start your Lexus engine to make sure everything is running smoothly and keep fluids and oils from sitting idle for too long. Make sure to start your Lexus at least once per week, even when you're driving less frequently.

Certified Service at Germain Lexus of Easton is Your Best Bet in Columbus, OH

When you need certified Lexus service in Columbus, OH, Germain Lexus of Easton is your best bet. We'll make sure that, even when you're driving less, your vehicle is always in excellent condition for when you need it next. Schedule your Lexus maintenance online with Germain Lexus of Easton, and we'll help you stay on top of maintaining your vehicle during your less-frequent driving periods.

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