Alternator Service in Easton, OH

Alternator Service

Most folks have a rough idea that the alternator is a critical functioning part in the engine assembly, and they have an excellent idea that the car or truck battery is essential. Yes, a vehicle might run without the two working properly, but there's a good chance it won't start. And unlike the old days, modern cars and trucks don't bump start.

The Main Battery Charger

A vehicle battery isn't connected to the engine at all. It uses the alternator's energy to recharge and stay topped off until the car needs to sit. Then the battery is put in waiting mode, slowly losing its energy, until the car is restarted again. Ideally, the battery is charged enough by the alternator to power the starter engine, the car starts up, and the whole process begins again. However, problems with the alternator will break this cycle and cause a lot of headaches on the road or after being parked.

The Testing Process

When you bring your car in for a battery test, we also check the health of the alternator to make sure it is throwing sufficient charge to power the car's systems, as well as recharge the battery. If the alternator is having problems generating a charge, this will spell bad news for the car's systems powered by the part's charge. Often people will mistake this for a bad car battery, which might be working fine. With our testing, we nail down the problem specifically to determine the problem's source.

Signs of Needing Service

If your car is struggling to start, your headlights seem to dim when your car is in park, or your battery seems to keep losing its charge, then it's time to get your alternator checked. Installing a new battery might work for a while, but the faulty charging system will ultimately drain the battery and cause it to die. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. A faulty alternator can't replace or repair itself. The problem will simply get worse and eventually the charging will stop entirely. In Columbus, OH as well as Canal Winchester, New Albany, and Reynoldsburg, OH, a faulty charging system in the dead of winter is not what you need.

Why Our Service Center is the Smart Choice

Alternator repair and services require working with the right parts, replacement units, and trained service, especially on a Lexus. Having a third-party fiddle with your alternator system could end up being a mistake. At Germain Lexus of Easton, our team is all factory-certified technicians and they have all the right training, parts, and specialized tooling to do the job right. You don't have to worry about your car and whether it will work right or not when our team handles the alternator work. Let us help you have peace of mind on the road and know that your alternator charging system and battery will be working right when we're finished.


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