Courtesy Car Wash

The courtesy car wash is open for the convenience of our Lexus customers. Please enjoy this complimentary service at your leisure!

For the safety of our employees and customers, and to help prevent the car wash equipment from damage, please note that our customer courtesy car wash is only open when the temperature is above 32 degrees. We will also close on rainy days.

Technicians may enter ahead of the normal line to wash vehicles that are being serviced with us. We thank you for your patience and understanding of this process.

We apologize for any inconvenience in regard to those times when the facility is not open, but hope that you understand our policy regarding the operation of this expensive equipment is to protect your investment and ours. We are also not responsible for any damage to your vehicle that may be caused by our car wash.

If you have any questions about the courtesy car wash being open, please call the store.

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