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Lexus is well known as an industry-leading automobile manufacturer, and every Lexus car and SUV is designed with a high-quality, top-performing brake system. When you depress the brake pedal, the brake system powerfully clamps the brake pads against the brake rotors to create friction and resistance that slows you down and stops the vehicle as needed for compliance with the speed limit or to prevent a collision. Brake pads are purposefully designed to give a little with each stop, which means that they will eventually wear down entirely causing rotor damages. Service at your owner's manual recommended maintenance schedule is an easy way to promote brake system performance while reducing operating costs associated with brake system repairs.

Brake pad replacement starting at $329.95 plus tax and shop supplies.

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When Your Brake Pads Are Going Bad

Some driving factors such as towing heavy loads in stop-and-go traffic will cause brake pads to wear out quickly. By following the recommended maintenance schedule for replacement and monitoring. Here are the primary signs of defective brakes:

  • Brake system warning light comes on
  • Pungent burning smell
  • Requires greater distance to stop
  • Vibration or pulsing during braking
  • Need to push the brake pedal down farther to stop
  • Strange noise while braking described as grinding, screeching, rubbing, or squealing

Are Front and Rear Brake Pads treated Equal?

Front brake pads generally wear down twice as fast as the rear, requiring replacement service twice as often over the course of the vehicle's life. The front end of the car handles more steering pressures and handling forces compared to the rear, which causes the front brake pads to face more pressure and heat with every stop.

No matter if you need new front, rear, or both, service at Germain Lexus of Easton is completed by a Lexus Master Certified Technician. Our certified technicians will first inspect the condition of the brake pads and then formulate the optimal replacement strategy. Our ultimate goal is always to squeeze the most life out of the brake pads with maximum stopping power, reliability, and safety.

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