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Hybrid Specialist

At Germain Lexus, we believe that the world is on the brink of some outstanding technology that is going to change how we live ... and how our children's children will live. 

We believe that EVERY customer needs to hear the Hybrid story and how this amazing technology is changing our environment ... it will amaze you!  At Germain Lexus we want you to know that we care about our environment and are excited about the direction that Lexus is leading the automotive industry.

This is why we have invested in Bob Havey ... he comes to our organization with a desire and a passion to share with you our vision for the advancement of Hybrid Technology in all of our Lexus vehicles in the coming months.  You can speak with Bob Havey by calling him at 614-383-4122.

Bob's Hybrid Credentials

Native Vermonter- graduated Vermont Technical College with Bachelors in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

1999 - First graduate of Toyota Prius hybrid school, Boston, Mass.

2000-2001 - Sold 94 first generation Prius, surpassing any individual salesperson in the United States.  Sales included Steven Rockefeller, (Nelson's son), the State of Vermont bought 15 hybrid Toyota's along with many delivery companies and families looking toward the future of automotive technology.

2002 - Attended all Toyota Elite Training schools.

2003 - Helped launch the second generation Prius by attending an unveiling in Chicago and following up by selling 62 units.

January 2004 - Toyota named Havey emergency response trainer for fire departments, paramedics, ambulance personnel and other emergency responders.

Conducted information seminars for Toyota and for the University of Vermont, including Green Day events for three consecutive years.

Held several forums for hybrid information and future technologies. 

One of the largest gatherings was the Vermont regional meeting of the IEEE, (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

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