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  • Our Team

  • Josh Miller

    Josh Miller

    General Manager


    Josh Miller started his career at Germain Lexus in 2002 as a Sales Consultant and fell in love with the car business. 13 years later he couldn’t envision a better career. Josh has served as a Sales Consultant, New Car Sales Manager, the Germain Nissan General Manager, and now, the Germain Lexus of Easton General Manager. Josh has passion for the Lexus brand and the Lexus clients that truly makes this my dream job. He brings a true appreciation, enthusiasm, and customer first mentality to Lexus of Easton. He wants to go out of his way to make sure your ownership experience is second to none and promises there will not be a better place to buy and service your vehicle.

    The only thing that excites Josh more than the car business is his wonderful family. He is a husband to his wife Julia of five years and a father to three, Reese, Ryan, and Chris. Josh is a resident of Galena and a proud member of the Olentangy community. Josh loves to golf and spend time with his family and friends.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • New Lexus Sales

  • Bennie Fornash

    Bennie Fornash

    New Car Sales Manager


    Bennie Fornash has 13 years of experience in the auto industry and is a Lexus Master Certified Sales Manager. He has managed sales departments for Mercedes-Benz and BMW before joining our Lexus team. He enjoys representing the Lexus brand due to the high reliability, the outstanding guest service mentality, and the overall value proposition offered at Germain Lexus of Easton. Bennie holds an M.A. in Communication from West Virginia University and enjoys outdoor sports with his family. Bennie is married to wife Jennifer and they have three wonderful children: Knox, Bryn and Dean.

    Lexus Senior Certified

  • Aso Danso

    Aso Danso

    New Car Sales Manager


    Aso has seven years of experience and is Lexus Master Certified. For Aso, it is such a pleasure working with his clients. “I love the opportunity to help and serve people and am passionate about helping my clients make the most out of their lives.” He wants to help customers make the best decision for their next vehicle. Believing that Lexus is the best brand to own, and no one does a better job taking care of their clients than he does here at Germain Lexus of Easton. Aso has three brothers and a sister.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Janet Jamison

    Janet Jamison

    New Lexus Sales


    Janet has been in the car business for over 30 years and has been with Germain Lexus of Easton for twelve. She is Lexus Master Certified, New and Pre-owned Sale Consultant Certified. Janet enjoys being a part of a hardworking, successful team. Germain’s pursuit of excellence is a perfect match to her personal commitment to customer satisfaction. Janet was born and raised in Dyersville Iowa, home of the “Field of Dreams.” She and her husband have been married for 41 years. Before working for Germain, she attended college in Minnesota and was a teacher. She became a buckeye when she moved to Ohio in 1979.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Bob Havey

    Bob Havey

    New Lexus Sales


    Bob Havey, from Columbus, Ohio has 24 years of experience. He has his Masters Certification from Lexus and Toyota. He cares about each and every clients needs and addresses it. Bob says, “My customers know if there is ever a question or problem they can call me and I will get in resolved.” Bob believes the best attribute here at Germain is the family that owns and operates the business. Bob is married, has four children and five grandkids. He was with Vermont’s largest Toyota dealer for 15 years prior to moving back to Columbus. His wife works for Ohio State and they are big Ohio State fans. Bob loves to sing and learn new music.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Bryan Jordan

    Bryan Jordan

    New Lexus Sales


    Bryan has been with Lexus for ten years and has had his Master Certification for seven years. Bryan likes the family oriented business. Germain is a place where “you can take care of your clients like family because it’s a great work atmosphere.” He grew up in Westerville, but moved to the small town of Croton. Bryan grew up in the automotive industry and followed his father into the business when he was 20 years old. He enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his wife. Fun fact: In 2003 he won the OSU kicking camp!

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Jay Jackson

    Jay Jackson

    New Lexus Sales


    Jay has over 10 years of customer sales experience and has been with Germain Lexus of Easton since 2012. The greatest joys in his life other than helping guests finding there perfect vehicle is spending as much time with his family and 2 little girls (Kailee and Makenna). Not only are you getting one of the most awarded and best built vehicles in the world, but my passion to bringing the friendliest and best guest experience possible. My motto is: "Tell me what you want and I'll do everything else".

    Lexus Certified

  • Zachary Johnson

    Zachary Johnson

    New Lexus Sales


    Zach is equipped with eight years of sales experience. Using the skills he acquired working with Apple, Nationwide, and The Professional Golf Association, Zach has been able to successfully focus on "the customer journey" here at Lexus. Zach is originally from Canton, Ohio. He moved here to attend The Ohio State University, and decided to stay upon graduation. He has a B.A. In Strategic Communication.

    "I'm blessed to be able to work in an environment that makes it fun to buy a car. My customers have worked hard to be able to obtain a Lexus, and they deserve to be treated like it!"

    Lexus Certified

  • Terri Layman

    Terri Layman

    New Lexus Sales


    Terri Layman currently resides in New Albany, Ohio. She has two years of experience as a sales consultant and joined Germain Lexus of Easton in 2016. She enjoys practicing her faith, taking an active role in her health, and staying fit by enjoying the outdoors. Above all else, her favorite times are the ones spent with her family.

  • Alena Hayden

    Alena Hayden

    New Lexus Sales


    Recent graduate of The Ohio State University, studied strategic communications. Spent undergraduate years working with technology innovator Apple in the Easton retail store and interning for Emerson Network Power, a leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies. Snowboarding has become an expensive but rather adventurous hobby, right behind the inability to say no to new restaurants and food for me. Like Apple, Lexus is a company that takes great strides to take care of their clients which creates a great environment to be apart of.

    When I'm not at work you'll typically find me hanging out with my form of a child, my Min Pin Belle.

    Lexus Certified

  • Pre-Owned Lexus Sales

  • Ted Santagata

    Ted Santagata

    Pre-Owned Sales Director


    Ted has 15 years of experience and is Lexus Master Certified. As the Pre-Owned Sales Manager at Lexus of Easton, one of his major responsibilities is making sure that the selection of lightly used vehicles are some of the finest that can be found in the market. His standards reflect the high standards of Germain Lexus of Easton. This helps to ensure a rewarding purchase experience for our guests. He enjoys working for a company that takes such good care of clients and their employees, as well as the Germain family’s involvement in improving our community through various charities and assistance organizations. Ted and his wife have been married for six years.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Stephen Looney

    Stephen Looney

    Pre Owned Sales Manager

  • Shane Kitts

    Shane Kitts

    Pre Owned Sales Manager


    Shane has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been with the Germain company for more than half of that time. My main objective as one of the sales manager's here in the pre-owned department at Germain Lexus Of Easton is to assure that every customer visiting our dealership leaves here completely satisfied. Shane and his wife have been married for 15 years, and they have 3 wonderful children.

    Lexus Certified

  • Preston Hutchins

    Preston Hutchins

    Pre-Owned Sales


    Preston has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and is a Certified Master Sales Consultant. Preston enjoys the pleasant working environment, the family owned business, and the extra-curricular activities and events for company employees; ball games, soccer, hockey and company functions. Preston is energetic and always willing to give a helping hand in time of need. When not at work, he is a volunteer at a free medical clinic center that offers care for people without the ability to pay. Preston is a father of five and has four grandkids. He is a snowboarder and skier, and likes to roller blade, canoe and golf.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Shea Thompson

    Shea Thompson

    Pre-Owned Sales Consulant


    Shea started his career with Germain Lexus in December of 2009. Shea has served as a Pre Owned Sales Consultant, and Pre Owned Sales Manager during that time. Shea loves making the experience of purchasing a vehicle very special with every client that walks through the door. His passion for the Lexus product and happiness of the people he helps is first and foremost. Shea is from Lima, Ohio. He loves everything that has to do with sports. Shea and his wife Andrea have been married for 15 years. They have 3 wonderful children, Olivia, Jonah, and Noah. They reside in Pickerington, Ohio.

    Lexus Certified

  • Bryan Hammond

    Bryan Hammond

    Pre-Owned Sales


    Bryan will go above and beyond to ensure his customers are comfortable throughout the entire experience. He likes to make the car buying experience fun, while providing top-notch service. Bryan loves Germain’s dedication to the client. "From the point of first contact to years after purchasing a vehicle, the service is 1st class and the staff is professional, courteous and knowledgeable." Bryan lives with his fiancé, their Australian shepherd and their cat.

    Lexus Certified

  • JB Woodring

    JB Woodring

    Pre-Owned Sales Consultant


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Troy Slivka

    Troy Slivka

    Pre-Owned Lexus Sales


    Troy has over 25 years of automotive sales experience. Troy has two sons one in the car business as well. Troy is proud to be a part of the Germain Family because they provide the highest quality experience for all there customers. Troy is very dedicated to making each customer receive a fun, hassle free and memorable experience. In his spare time Troy enjoys, spending time with his kids, Cooking, Golfing, and hanging out with his dog Abby.

    Lexus Certified

  • Eric Montalvo

    Eric Montalvo

    Pre-Owned Sales Consultant


    Eric started with the Germain family in early 2015 and is eager to learn everything he can in order to provide excellent customer service to all guests that visit our dealership. He brings enthusiasm, positivity and is a breath of fresh air to the team. When Eric is not here providing his services he is being a father to his two beautiful daughters and wonderful wife.

    Lexus Certified

  • Abu Muhidin

    Abu Muhidin

    Pre-Owned Sales Consultant


  • Finance

  • Ken Collins

    Ken Collins

    Lexus Financial Director


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Eric Welch

    Eric Welch

    Lexus Finance


    Lexus Certified

  • Technology and Delivery

  • Nate Glenn

    Nate Glenn

    Technology Specialist


    I started out over a year ago in valet and car wash and worked my way up to the tech position. I have always had an interest in cars and after high school needed to decided what I wanted to do and the car business was my choice! My goal is to continue to grow in my professional career, and eventually make it into sales and management. The Germain company brings a fun and family-like environment every day, and I strive to do the same for our guests!

  • Morgan Shambrock

    Morgan Shambrock

    Technology Specialist


    Morgan has worked at two Germain dealerships. She started off as a Receptionist at Germain Nissan and now she is a Technology/Delivery Specialist at Germain Lexus of Easton. Morgan loves working for a company that is family oriented. In her spare time, Morgan likes to spend time with her family and friends. Morgan does not have any children of her own, but as a certified Nanny, she also spends a lot of spare time babysitting. "I love coming to work everyday and being able to assist guests in their vehicle purchase. My job is important for guests, so that they can fully understand and get the most out of the vehicle that they love."

  • Sales Administration

  • Lacey Storts

    Lacey Storts

    Sales Assistant


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Tomas Allton

    Tomas Allton

    Sales Assistant

  • Julie Macala

    Julie Macala


  • Kathy Armstrong

    Kathy Armstrong

    Customer Care Manager


    Kathy grew up in Bexley, Ohio; as did her mother and father before her. She has been with Germain Lexus of Easton for over a decade, and is passionate about Lexus, as well as being a part of the Germain family business. Her attention to detail is a perfect match for the Lexus Pursuit of Perfection. She works closely with customers and the sales consultants, to ensure our guests have the best possible experience. She adores her co workers, friends, and family, including her two grown children, Megan and Clay, granddaughter, Maia Marie, and grand baby on the way.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Lyn Starcher

    Lyn Starcher

    Customer Relations Manager/ Accessories and Aftermarket Sales


    Lexus Certified

  • Dan Medley

    Dan Medley

    Inventory/Ground Operations Manager

  • Sales Support

  • Allen Hamilton

    Allen Hamilton

    Pre-Owned Lot Technician


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Mark Price

    Mark Price

    Pre-Owned Lot Technician

  • Matt Mancuso

    Matt Mancuso

    Service Valet

  • Kevin Vild

    Kevin Vild

    Lot Tech

  • Sean Pevequx

    Sean Pevequx


  • Parts and Accessories

  • Erv Konrad

    Erv Konrad

    Parts Director


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Glen Kibbe

    Glen Kibbe

    Parts Counter


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Lori George

    Lori George

    Lori is Lexus certified and has 35+ years of parts experience.

  • David Caplinger

    David Caplinger

    Parts Driver


    Lexus Certified

  • Service

  • Cindy Lentz

    Cindy Lentz

    Service Director


    Cindy Lentz started her career with the Germains in 1992. She was quickly given opportunity to take on more responsibility and in 1996 she started her career in management. Lentz has been with the Germain Organization for 22 years and has overseen service department operations at six stores for Rick Germain. There are few women who hold executive positions in the dealership atmosphere. So, how does a woman get a job usually held by a man? She grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota where her mother and father were not blessed with a boy, but rather 4 girls. Her father was influential in the belief “the work has to be done and you’re going to do it." Without knowing it, he encouraged her to believe that there are no gender specific roles in life and the Germain family agrees.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Alena Bankes

    Alena Bankes

    Service Drive Manager


    Alena Bankes has been an employee of Germain Lexus of Easton for 13 years and is an ASE Master Certified Service Consultant. She was awarded the Top 20 Service “Overall Satisfaction” for the Lexus Central Area in 2015. She enjoys working with customers and strives to build long-term relationships with each one. Alena loves working with the Lexus product and the family atmosphere at the Germain Lexus dealerships. Alena is married with three sons and enjoys playing sand volleyball, softball and bowling.

    Lexus Master ASE Certified

  • James Garbarino

    James Garbarino

    Service Shop Manager


    Lexus Master Certified

    James is Lexus and ASE Master Certified and has been with Germain Lexus since 2010. I started my career with Toyota and obtained 11 years of experience, becoming a MDT along the way, before coming over to Lexus. I love the challenge of finding and fixing problem vehicles and in turn providing the customers with the type of service they should expect from Lexus and the Germain organization. James is married with 2 kids who loves to golf and is a big CBJ fan!

  • Kevin Daniels

    Kevin Daniels

    Service Consultant


    Kevin has been with Germain since 2001 and is both an ASE Certified and Master Certified Service consultant.

    Lexus Master and ASE Certified Service Consultant”

  • Aaron Doty

    Aaron Doty

    Service Advisor


    Aaron Doty is from Illinois and has eight years experience with Lexus and 12 years in the auto industry. Aaron has a Lexus Master Certification and an ASE Certification. He likes the great product and great clientele at Germain Lexus. Before moving to Columbus, Doty spent seven years in Southern California where he started in the auto industry selling cars to celebrities.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Donna Mogavero

    Donna Mogavero

    Service Advisor


    Donna has worked in service for over 30 years and started with the Germain company in 2004. She has 3 sons, a daughter, and a grandson. She's looking forward to helping you with any of your service needs!

    Lexus Senior Certified

  • Ron Shook

    Ron Shook

    Service Advisor

  • Greg Sweeney

    Greg Sweeney

    Appointment Coordinator


    Greg Sweeney is a Columbus, Ohio resident and while he has only been working in the car industry for one year, he has 20 years of experience in hospitality. Greg is Lexus Elite Certified and a Certified Cashier. He loves the fact that everyone here treats everyone with respect. Greg says, "No matter who you are, you feel like this is one big family." Greg is a funny man - he loves to make people laugh and lives by the policy that laughter is the best medicine. He has recently rediscovered his love of exercise and eating healthier things. Greg also loves to sing!

  • Service Technician

  • Timothy Butsko

    Timothy Butsko

    Service Technician


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Christopher Conley

    Christopher Conley

    Service Technician


  • Kevin Feinstein

    Kevin Feinstein

    Service Technician


  • Joshua Kyser

    Joshua Kyser

    Service Technician


  • William McCauley

    William McCauley

    Service Technician


  • Phira OK

    Phira OK

    Service Technician


  • Eric Rhodes

    Eric Rhodes

    Service Technician


    Lexus Senior Certified

  • Nicholas Shope

    Nicholas Shope

    Service Technician


  • Jack Smith

    Jack Smith

    Service Technician


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Tyler Edington

    Tyler Edington

    Apprentice Tech


  • Austin Roach

    Austin Roach

    Certified Lexus Technician

  • Cody Van Meter

    Cody Van Meter

    Certified Lexus Technician

  • Brian Eyre

    Brian Eyre

    Certified Lexus Technician

  • Andrew McCoy

    Andrew McCoy

    Certified Lexus Apprentice

  • Toni Tiberi

    Toni Tiberi


  • Service Administration

  • Amy Schenk

    Amy Schenk

    Cashier/Warranty Administrator


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Jan Smith

    Jan Smith

    Appointment Coordinator


    Jan has 14 years of experience and has been Master Certified for 11 years as an Office and Service Administrator. Jan faces each day’s challenges head on. She says that working with a great team - from sales, office, and the parts and service staff always make it a pleasure for her to come in every day. In her spare time, Jan loves to garden and spend time with her family. She has been married for 38 years and has a son and daughter-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Shanlee Lamp

    Shanlee Lamp

    Appointment Coordinator/Cashier


  • Service Support

  • Alia Walker

    Alia Walker

    Service Greeter


    Lexus Senior Certified

  • Jerry Tatum

    Jerry Tatum



    Lexus Master Certified

  • Christopher Dermody

    Christopher Dermody

    Service Valet


    Lexus Master Certified

  • Geoff Enyart

    Geoff Enyart

    Service Valet


  • Gary Lentz

    Gary Lentz

    Service Valet


  • Robert Tost

    Robert Tost

    Service Valet


  • Teresa Gleason

    Teresa Gleason

    Service Valet

  • Joseph Darko

    Joseph Darko

    New Car Lot Technician


    Lexus Certified

  • Wesley Hoover

    Wesley Hoover

    Valet/Car Wash

  • Jordan Stephens

    Jordan Stephens

    Valet/Car Wash

  • Brittany Fait

    Brittany Fait

    Service Greeter

  • Administration

  • Ronni Lee

    Ronni Lee

    Office Manager

    614-383-4107 | 614-383-4222

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Tina Thompson

    Tina Thompson

    Assistant Office Manager

    614-383-4153 | 614-383-4252

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Pat Baughman

    Pat Baughman

    Title Clerk


    Pat has 34 years of experience and has been with Germain for 15. She is Master Certified with Lexus. For Pat, it’s a very good product to be associated with and she enjoys all of her co-workers. She works to get clients what they need from the title department in a timely manner. Pat has two children and six grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family, and is a big NASCAR fan.

    Lexus Master Certified

  • Amanda Carver

    Amanda Carver

    Title Clerk


  • Brittany Hill

    Brittany Hill

    Accounts Payable

  • Laura Rey

    Laura Rey


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